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Bespoke Joinery

Beautifully crafted

Our team of craftsmen take great pride in everything they make. Their passion and talent is evident in every item that leaves our workshop. We can make a wide range of joinery, with every item beautifully made.

Why Bespoke

Get exactly the joinery you need

There are many occasions where the use of 'readymade standardised joinery', can be perfectly adequate. But there are also times where no 'off-the-shelf' joinery is capable of delivering the vision and standards for a project, or meeting its technical requirements. In cases like these, bespoke joinery offers the perfect opportunity to get exactly what you want, without needing to compromise your vision or plans.

In choosing to commission bespoke joinery, you get complete control over every aspect of the design and specification. So, providing it is technically possible, you can obtain virtually any design, size, style, finish and quality of joinery that you need. This can be just as applicable to more familiar designs, as it is to making one-off creations; allowing you to obtain exactly the specification that you need.

Joiners Looking at CAD Drawings
We Can Make

Doors, cabinetry & one-off creations

Most of the bespoke joinery that we make is in our specialist field of door making. Here we make a wide variety of bespoke doors for external, internal, and cabinet use. In addition, our wider joinery capability supports our door making activities by creating items like frames, and architraves for internal and external doors, and fitted furniture/cabinets for use with our cabinet doors.

Joinery that inspires & delights

Outside of door making and its related activities, we also offer the opportunity to create one-off items of beautiful bespoke furniture, in freestanding and fitted formats. This is a relatively small part of what we do, but still remains very important to us. This is because the varied challenges that these individual commissions represent provide a valuable opportunity to stimulate and inspire our craftsmen, whilst helping to keep their joinery skills as honed as possible.

Cabinet Projects

Cabinetry & fitted furniture

We offer comprehensive joinery support to create a wide variety of bespoke cabinets and fitted furniture. Most of the projects that we undertake in this area, are built to work with the cabinet doors that we make as part of our door making specialism.

Help & Support

Supporting you at every stage


A team of experts behind every item

Our bespoke joinery services can be used to create a myriad of items, and consequently rely on a broad range of skills and expertise to succeed. In order to consistently produce high quality products, we employ a highly skilled team of joiners and finishers, whose craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. And, to complement their expertise, we hold close working relationships with a select group of partners specialising in everything from artisan crafts (e.g. carving, marquetry) to glazing, timber selection and finishing products.

Benefit from our passion & pride

We love our craft, are very passionate about what we do, and hope this is evident in everything from the meticulous way we create our joinery, to how we enthuse about our client's projects. As such, we are always happy to share our expertise and ideas with our customers; regardless of whether you are an existing client, or a perspective one. So, whether you need technical advice, creative input, or just want someone to bounce ideas off; please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are only too happy to help.

Customer Commitment

The standard for nonstandard

We want every customer to be completely satisfied with the joinery that we make for them. To help realise this, we are committed to the following approach. Show Commitment

Oliver Bryan / Managing Director