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Door Specialist

Anything is possible

Every door we make is made to order. This means virtually anything is possible and you can always achieve exactly the style, size, design and finish that you need. In addition, we offer competitive pricing and a responsive lead-time.

Bespoke Opportunity

Creating exactly the door you need

In many instances, standard sized readymade doors offer a convenient way to attain an everyday door style, at a competitive price reflecting their quality. There are, however, occasions where this approach would not be viable, and bespoke doors are instead required. This is most commonly due to sizing needs, but bespoke joinery is also regularly used to realise nonstandard requirements in areas like design, style, quality and finish.

At Foxstow we specialise in making bespoke timber doors, and are well versed in all that this entails. Every door is made to order, creating virtually limitless possibilities for the design and specification. But this does not mean we always create unusual or non-standard sized doors. On the contrary, we also regularly make doors in standard sizes and designs. However, unlike buying an ‘off the shelf’ door, you can instead fine-tune things to get exactly what you want, and attain the highest level of quality.

Joiner checking Timber Sizes
Bespoke Doors

Made to your specification

Our capability and expertise spans three distinct areas of door making, where we design and build virtually every type of timber: external, internal and cabinet (cupboard & wardrobe) door. In doing so we offer our clients a broad range of opportunities.

Door Specialist

A reputation for door making excellence

Our reputation for door making was established long before we started specialising in this field and gained significant standing during our early years as a general joinery workshop. It was here that clients first trusted us to make their bespoke doors, and in doing so created the opportunity to build the specialist door making skills and expertise that we offer today. Our talent for door making has also played a key role in growing the business, by increasing repeat business, and inspiring numerous referrals for joinery made doors.

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Door making has always been an activity that our joiners have enjoyed. Their skills, pride and attention to detail, is testament to this, and evident in every bespoke door that leaves our workshop. In specialising, we wanted to build on our reputation for making high quality timber doors, and also create the efficiencies necessary to make our bespoke doors more appealing and accessible to the wider market.

Specialist Advantage

Outperforming other providers

Bespoke door making is a craft that only skilled carpenters and joinery companies can successfully provide. Its very nature makes it extremely labour intensive, and highly reliant on knowhow and experience. To offer our clients more, and outperform non-specialist providers, we have created a more focused approach and setup.

Joiner Inspecting Length of Timber

Specialising to offer you more

In choosing to specialise, we have been able to restructure our workshop to deliver greater productivity and efficiency. We have also been able to improve costs through more focused purchasing and economies of scale. In passing on these benefits, we can offer our clients greater performance and value, which in some cases even makes our bespoke doors a viable alternative to lesser readymade products.

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Clear cost advantage

Restructuring to reflect our specialisation in door making has had a very positive effect on our costs. This allows us to pass on the saving to our clients, and deliver a clear cost advantage over other joinery-made doors without ever compromising on quality.

Greater speed & efficiency

Making everything to order removes the costs of holding stock, but in doing so increases lead-times. The challenge is to keep the cost saving while improving the responsiveness of the lead-time. In specialising we have been able to do just that, offering some of the lowest lead times available, by being more focused and efficient.

Broad joinery support

As craftsmen, our joiners enjoy the challenge that comes with variety. So even after we made the decision to become a door specialist, we still retained part of the workshop for more general joinery work. This commitment to our team has also helped expand our door service, by offering clients supplementary joinery for their door projects.

Our Doors

Bespoke doors for your needs

Our expertise spans three distinct areas of door making, where we design and build virtually every type of external, internal and cabinet (cupboard & wardrobe) door that you could ever need or imagine. While our wider joinery capability can offer clients extended support for their door projects.

Bespoke Joinery

Your team of craftsmen

We specialise in making bespoke doors, but that isn’t all we can offer. Our workshop also creates a wide range of additional joinery. So whether you need extended support for your door project, or something else, then you can trust the Foxstow team to help.

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