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Services & Approach

Support your trade

If you are a professional working in the construction industry, you can trust Foxstow with your project. We offer a range of joinery services, and specialise in making high-quality doors in virtually every style & specification.

Accurately Measuring a Bespoke Panel Door
Trade Overview

Your specialist joinery partner

Most of the work we undertake is for fellow construction professionals. Here at Foxstow, we support a wide range of trades, architects and interior designers throughout every stage of the planning, design and construction process. This broad involvement provides us with a first-hand appreciation of the many unique challenges that our clients face, and in turn means we are well placed to anticipate and support their needs.

Our experienced team of joiners make a wide range of timber joinery products, but the vast majority of work we undertake reflects our specialist expertise in the field of door making. As a bespoke door specialist we make solid timber doors for internal, external and cabinet use (e.g. kitchens & wardrobes), and can make virtually any size, design and style of timber door that you and your clients' may require.

Your Partner

Doing more to help you succeed

We want to be considered as your joinery partner and a specialist member of your team. To achieve this goal, we invest the time needed to build a good understanding of you and your organisation. After all, our own success is inextricably linked to your own, and means it is in our own best interest to do all we can to help you sustain and enhance your reputation.

To help achieve this, we welcome visits to our workshop and are also happy to travel to meet you. Our goal is to become your long-term partner, and we value every opportunity we get to achieve this. Please conact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

Access additional specialist expertise & resources

To expand our offering and deliver the highest standards, we have invested in our own specialist relationships. This sees us work with a select group of partners, covering everything from material selection like timber, glazing and ironmongery, to finishing, design and also specialist crafts like marquetry and carving. Our partner's expertise and commitment is an invaluable asset, offering our clients greater choice, insight and quality.

Joiner Looking Down Length of Oak Timber
Our Capabilities

A specialist focus built on success

Foxstow was originally setup as a general joinery workshop, producing a wide range of joinery products. During this this period we built a notable reputation for creating high quality bespoke timber doors. To capitalise on this success, we made the decision to specialise in door making, and subsequently restructured our business to make this process as efficient as possible.

In significantly reducing our costs and lead-times, we have been able to deliver a clear advantage over other joinery-made doors. This also makes us a viable alternative to buying premium quality 'ready-made' doors in standard sizes. But, unlike buying a 'ready-made' door, with Foxstow you can attain exactly the design, style, size and finish that you want.

Broad joinery capabilities

While door making represents the majority of what we do, it is not all that we offer. Our workshop also has a section that works on a more varied range of projects, including making fitted and freestanding furniture. This general joinery section regularly supports our door specialism, by creating items like doorframes and surrounds. We also build the cabinets and fixtures that will work with the kitchen and bedroom cabinet doors that we create.

Although our general section represents only a relatively small part of what we do, it remains very important to us, as it provides our craftsmen with regular bespoke challenges to inspire and further hone their skills. This experience is not only evident in the beautifully crafted furniture that we make, but also visible in every door that we create.

Marking Timber for Production

Additional support for your joinery

Our workshop has its own spray booth using Morrells professional paint system, giving you the option of having your joinery primed, or fully finished. We also offer Morrells colour matching service, to allow the specification of virtually any colour of paint; be that from a brand like Farrow & Ball or a reference from RAL or Pantone. Our finishing team can also apply a range of natural finishes to display the natural beauty of your chosen timber(s).

To supplement our own resources and expertise, we work with a select group of specialists who share our outlook and commitment to quality. They are highly proven in their respective fields, and offer a variety of additional skills and opportunities. This covers everything from the supply of materials like timber and veneers, to expertise in glazing and ironmongery. We also hold relationships with specialists in carving, marquetry and product design.

National coverage

The joinery we make supports clients projects across the whole of the UK and also many European countries. To offer this coverage, we use a combination of our own delivery drivers and experienced couriers. In most cases, we do not need to provide onsite services (e.g. installation), but are happy to schedule on-site meetings and surveys for more complex projects.

Door Specialist

A specialist in bespoke door making

We are experts in making solid timber doors, and can make virtually every type, design, style or finish of door that you can need for your project(s). Our expertise spans across three distinct areas of door making, where we design and build virtually every type of external, internal and cabinet (cupboard & wardrobe) door. While our wider joinery capability allows us to offer our clients extended support for their project(s).

Every door we make is made to order, creating virtually limitless possibilities for the design and specification. But this does not mean we always create unusual or non-standard sized doors. On the contrary, we regularly make doors in standard sizes and designs. However, unlike buying an 'off the shelf' door, by working with Foxstow you can attain the highest level of quality, and also fine-tune your doors to get exactly what you want.

Support Your Trade

Helping the professionals

Our work for the trade means supporting a wide range of construction professionals, and regularly sees us working on projects for the specialists below. To get a better idea of how we can help you in your specialist field, please refer to the relevant example.

Client Quotes

As used in my own home

Having worked with Foxstow on a couple of commercial projects, I'd seen first-hand the quality of their work. So, when I then needed new doors for my own home - I didn't hesitate to use them.

Mr Smith / Architect

Never short of good advice

My project manager at Foxstow is absolutely brilliant! I spoke to him at various stages during my projects, and he's never short of good advice and considered ways to make things work even better.

Mrs Cameron / Interior Designer

A great partner to work with

My work renovating listed buildings often requires reproduction joinery. Foxstow are very skilled and knowledgeable in this area; their work is first class, and that makes them a great partner to work with.

Mr Foster / Builder

Very good value for money

I originally asked Foxstow for an internal door quote for my development of five new executive homes. Their quote represented very good value for money, as did their fitted kitchen and bedroom wardrobes doors.

Mr Harman / Property Developer