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Services & Approach

Improve your home

As a home owner, Foxstow can help you improve your home. We offer a range of bespoke joinery services, and specialise in making beautiful handcrafted doors in virtually every style, size and specification possible.

Joiner Showing Bespoke Door Drawing to Customer
Simply Perfect

A personal vision for a unique home

If you are building a new home, or making renovations to an existing one, you will most likely have your own personal vision on how you want your home to work, and what it will look like. After all, your home is as individual as you are, and as such provides the perfect opportunity for you to express your style, and complement your lifestyle.

In recognising your individual needs, you may soon find yourself frustrated by the prospect of having to buy readymade, mass-produced joinery in standard sizes and designs. Whether you need a new door or a piece of furniture, choosing to rely on 'off the shelf' joinery, inevitably decreases the likelihood of finding exactly the right size, finish, design or even quality that you desire.

Made exactly for you and your individual needs

For some buying a 'less than perfect' readymade product is nothing more than an unavoidable compromise, something to 'learn to live with'. However, this need not be true as here at Foxstow we make affordable bespoke joinery creations that are capable of satisfying even the most discerning of client. At Foxstow, we share your vision and dedication to quality, so you never need to accept 'less than perfect'. Every item is beautifully crafted, entirely fulfils your needs and specification, and is truly special and unique to you.

Our Service

Making virtually anything possible

Going 'bespoke' means virtually anything becomes possible, from the design, to the wood (timber) used, its size, finish and paint colour. In choosing to work with us, you gain access to an experienced team of craftsmen whose pride and dedication mean the highest level of quality and attention to detail is always assured. Their goal is simple: to make a beautiful finished product that perfectly reflects your needs and individuality.

Read more about our service

Your own project manager

We start every project the same way, by taking time to talk to our clients about their unique needs, ideas and personal vision. To do this we assign every client with their own personal project manager. Your project manager will discuss every aspect of your project with you; mapping out the technical parameters and ensuring you get all the support, inspiration and practical advice needed to make it a success.

An experience to enjoy and repeat

Our clients regularly tell us how much they love their bespoke products, and how they find the process of creating something so unique and specific to their needs very rewarding. This is also true of less original items, be it a conventional design, heritage reproduction or even making something to resemble an existing product. In these cases 'going bespoke' still represents a great way to attain the highest quality and give it your own personal stamp.

A service where everything is made from scratch to unique specifications would normally cost a significant premium. However, at Foxstow our decision to specialise in making bespoke doors has meant we are not only very experienced in this area, but also highly efficient. As a result, we are able to offer very competitive prices, which can often compare favourably to even standardised 'off the shelf' products.

Joiner Showing Bespoke Door Drawing to Customer
We Can Make

Door specialists with a breadth of skills

We specialise in making beautiful solid timber doors and can make virtually every type, design, style or finish of door that you can imagine. Every door that we make: be it internal, external or a cabinet door for use in a kitchen cupboard or bedroom wardrobe, is handmade from scratch in our workshop. This approach makes almost anything possible, so you can always be assured of attaining the exact size and specification that you need.

Making bespoke doors represents the vast majority of what we do, but is not all that Foxstow offer. We also have a small section that works on a more varied range of projects. This general joinery section regularly supports our door specialism, by creating items like doorframes and surrounds, or even building the cabinets and fixtures that will work with the kitchen and bedroom cabinet doors that we make.

Getting more from our skilled craftsmen

The general section of our workshop also offers clients the opportunity to create unique items of freestanding and fitted furniture. It is a small part of what we do, but nonetheless remains very important to Foxstow as it provides our craftsmen with regular bespoke challenges to inspire and further hone their skills. The results are therefore not only evident in the beautifully crafted furniture that we make, but also visible in every item that Foxstow creates.

Our Expertise

Benefit from our experience

Foxstow are experts with timber, our dedicated team of craftsmen and the specialist partnerships we hold, enable us to make the finest possible handmade timber products. We are very passionate about what we do and always happy to share our expertise with our customers. So whether you need technical advice, like the best timber to use for a particular application, or just want to discuss your ideas with someone knowledgeable. Then just ask - we are always happy to assist, and equally committed to help you achieve the best possible finished product.

See and feel our expertise

Every item that leaves our workshop is testament to the skills and experience of our team. Their expertise, eye for detail and the pride they take in their work is evident in everything from the diligence our joiners show when carefully matching wood grains, to their obsession for quality and the meticulous way they seek out and sand away even the smallest of imperfection. Our project managers are also instrumental, leaving their mark by sharing their experience with clients who then often go on to refine their designs and specifications accordingly.

Working with specialist partners

Total Support

Personal support at every stage

To deliver the best possible service we provide every client with their own personal project manager. Regardless of the size and complexity of your requirement, your project manager is always on hand to help. This approach increases accountability and provides the support and advice needed to take full advantage of our bespoke capabilities.

Your project manager will be with you every step of the way, championing your project at every stage, and bring together all the materials and expertise needed to make it a success. Whether you need advice for a DIY project or require technical support for your architect and construction team; your project manager will be happy to help.

Project manager undertaking quality control
Joinery furniture CAD plans

Helping you to plan and design your project

At the planning stage, your project manager will outline the process, offer technical advice and where appropriate provide inspiration by sharing ideas and designs from past projects. They can also organise everything from on-site surveys, to design support like CAD drawings & 3D renderings.

To aid decision making they can provide samples & swatches (timber, paint & finishes, mouldings etc.) and offer access to a wide range of trade catalogues for items like ironmongery, fittings and standardised joinery. Your project manager will provide you with estimates and detailed quotations. In the event that either your specification or budget changes, they can advise you on alternative options and make revisions to your quote.

Customer Quotes

Surprisingly good value

We couldn't find the size of doors we needed anywhere, but fortunately Foxstow came to the rescue. The quality of their work and service was first-rate, and we found the price surprisingly good value.

Mrs Jackson / Internal Doors

Consistently high quality

I've used Foxstow on many occasions for my interior design clients and also for my own home. My work often requires using joiners and I feel Foxstow are one of the best - delivering consistently high quality.

Ms Franklin / Fitted Kitchen

Helpful and knowledgeable

Knowing little about building, I trusted my builder to recommended a joiner; thankfully he introduced me to Foxstow. Everyone was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, especially my project manager.

Mr Bennett / Various Joinery

Perfectly understood my requirements

Having built my own home, I wanted a great looking front door to welcome visitors to the house. The team at Foxstow perfectly understood my requirements, and built me a beautifully crafted door.

Mr Boden / External Door