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Quotations & Tenders

Premises quotes

If you are project managing or overseeing work on your premises, then our knowledgeable team can help. We are here to provide all the support and advice necessary to help your project succeed.

Quote Overview

Get support for your own premises

The quotation form on this page has been created especially for organisations who are either building or improving their own premises. If this description does not reflect you, then please refer to the alternative options listed under the ‘Quotations & Tenders’ heading in the main navigation. By doing this it will help us to assign a project manager, who is most suited to your professional needs, and that of your organisation.

Project Support

Personal support for your organisation

Making the best joinery for a premises, requires a good understanding of how and where it will be used, and how it fits into the organisation. As such, your project manager will call you to talk through your quoting requirements. And in doing so, they will help ensure that we completely understand your needs, vison, budget and timings. They can then provide a formal quote, which may also include additional ideas and advice, to help advance the final solution.

Your personal project manager will be on hand to help you throughout the planning process, and will also keep you fully informed when the job enters production, and is scheduled for delivery. By working closely together from the outset, we aim to offer you and your organisation, a highly efficient and accountable service. Our goal is to make your project as effortless as possible, and provide you with exceptional joinery.

Working with you and your extended team

Depending on your own resources, and the nature of your project; you may find that you require additional support from a third-party like a carpenter, architect or interior designer. In these circumstances it can be helpful for us to discuss your project directly with them. We are always happy to do this, as it can often help improve efficiency and also sometimes have an impact on the joinery that we make.

Quotation Form

Quotes for your organisation

If you are responsible for your organisation’s joinery requirements, and would like a quote for a project at your premises, then please fill in the form below providing as much information as possible.

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