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Employment & Referrals

Join our network

If you are an accomplished carpenter and would like to generate more business, then consider joining our network of certified fitters. Selling joinery across the whole country means we have many customers who need fitting services.

Fitting Network

Become an extended member of our team

We make joinery for clients all over the UK, but only offer limited provision for fitting it ourselves. Most projects are therefore installed by independent local carpenters and fitters, who work directly for our clients. In many cases this means using an installer which our client already holds a relationship with, but there are also lots of instances that require finding someone new. It is here that we try to help clients, by recommending local fitters.

To assist, we are building a database of suitable carpenters and fitters, who have firstly had their credentials checked. This assessment often happens where a client has selected the installer themselves, as it provides the opportunity for us to liaise with them directly, before then assessing their completed work with our client. This is not however, the only way to be assessed and included, as installers can also ask to be included themselves.

Installation of Door Hinges
Working Together

Get access to high value referrals

Our work for construction professionals, home owners and organisations managing improvements to their own premises, gives members of our fitting network the potential to receive a broad range of referrals. As most of our work comes from the construction industry, it increases the chances of a successful referral representing the opportunity to generate valuable repeat business.

Help to promote your business

Referrals are not the only benefit to joining our fitting network. We also offer marketing support to help promote the businesses of our local fitting partners. One such example is publicising our shared projects across offline (e.g. newspapers & magazines etc.) and online media (websites). Another is the creation of co-branded marketing literature, like brochures and flyers, to help the promotion of both businesses.

Fitting Requirements

What type of joinery needs fitting?

If you are considering becoming a member of our fitting network, then please take a moment to read about the type of joinery projects that we make. Hopefully, this will give you a good feel for our client’s fitting requirements, and also illustrate how we may be able to help you with your own projects.

Join Network

Join our fitting network

If you are a carpenter or skilled fitter, and would like to become a member of our fitting network, then please fill in the form below. All applications will be certified before becoming approved fitters.

Search Network

Find a local fitter for your project

Most of our joinery projects require a local fitter (carpenter or specialist fitter e.g. kitchen fitter) to install them. If you are unable to find someone suitable. Then please ask for help, as we may be able to recommend a local installer from our network of certified fitters. Your project manager will be able to help you with this.

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