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Quotations & Tenders

Trade quotes

If you need a quick quote or require specialist support for a tender, then please ask one of our trade team. They are always happy to help, and have a wealth of experience to support you and your project.

Quote Overview

Supporting the professionals

The quotation form on this page has been created specifically for construction professionals who are planning, building and renovating property for their clients. If this does not reflect you, please refer to the other options listed under the ‘Quotations & Tenders’ heading in the main navigation. Doing so will help us assign a project manager, who is best suited to your professional needs.

Project Support

Experienced support where you need it

Whether you are considering using us a supplier, or recommending Foxstow directly to your clients. We recognise that you are also trusting us to sustain and enhance your reputation. To help realise this, we assign every client (including perspective clients) with their own project manager. Their goal is help deliver the best possible service and joinery, by getting to know you as a partner, and fully understanding your vison and quoting requirements.

As most of our project managers come from construction backgrounds (planning & onsite), it means they are well positioned to understand and support your professional needs. This helps them to deal with things efficiently, and also means they can be more proactive in the support they provide. They are on hand to help throughout a project, and offer all the information, accountability and quality assurance needed to make it a success.

Support for specifications and tenders

We often support architects and interior designers during the planning and design process. This typically means working closely with them to help asses the technical feasibility of a design, or specifying joinery methods and materials to realise it. We are always happy to share our experience and welcome the opportunity to do so, with new and established clients alike.

The scope of our work means we regularly work on tenders; whether directly as a joinery provider, or in the capacity as subcontractor to support the main contractor tendering on a larger project. In both instances we offer robust planning and estimating capabilities, together with all the necessary quality controls and industry certifications need to fulfil most tender requirements.

Quotation Form

Obtain a trade quote

If you are a construction professional, and require a quote for some joinery that you require for one of your projects, then please complete the form below with as much information as possible.

  • To attach files, please firstly