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Cabinetry & Interiors

Cabinet makers & more

Our skilled team of cabinet makers and joiners can make virtually any design and specification of fitted and freestanding furniture. From entirely bespoke kitchens to alcove shelving, with every item beautifully made to last.

Fitted & Freestanding

Creating the perfect interior

We make a broad variety of fitted and freestanding furniture, predominantly for use in fitted kitchens and bedrooms, as well as supporting projects in other rooms like bathrooms, boot rooms, home offices, lounges and dining rooms. Virtually any type of cabinetry can be made, from cupboards, dressers, and chests of drawers, to wardrobes, vanity units and pantries. For storage & display requirements we regularly make bespoke items like bookshelves, display units, and wine racks. With desks and tables made for everything from office and kitchen use, to designs specific for bedside, dressing, coffee and console use.

Cabinet Door Detail
Shaker Style Kitchen
Vanity Unit
Handless Kitchen
Realising Your Vision

Making anything possible

Our bespoke capability gives you all the creative freedom needed to realise your vision, and attain virtually any design or styling, in a myriad of materials and finishes. Regardless of whether you require a ‘one off’ design, or something more familiar, we have a wealth of experience from which to draw when helping you define, visualise and realise your needs.

For Every Need

For all your interior needs

Although the majority of our interior work is used in fitted kitchens and bedrooms, we are also regularly commissioned to make fitted and freestanding furniture for many other rooms across the home. From alcove shelving and fitted offices, to pantries and wine cellars, our knowledgeable and flexible approach can accommodate virtually any interior need that you may have.

Flexible Support

Most projects only require us to supply our joinery to site for fitting. But, if you do need more comprehensive support, we can either recommend suitable specialists, or provide you with a managed ‘end to end’ solution.

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Support Options – Although we are principally a maker of bespoke joinery products, we are also aware that when our work is used in projects like fitted kitchens and bedrooms, the design, surveying and installation all play an equally important role in delivering a successful project.

Consistent with our approach to ‘Integration’ services, we want to offer clients the flexibility to do as much, or as little themselves – as they wish in order to create value. So in preference to increasing our pricing, and always including a bundled (less transparent) ‘end to end’ service. We instead prefer to provide separate quotes / fees relating to any non-joinery support service that you may require:

Design – In order to create all the necessary designs and specifications, we can either work with an independent design professional (Architect, Interior Designer, or KBB specialist like a Kitchen Designer) that you have instructed yourself. Or alternatively as required either recommend a designer that works locally to you, or provide remote support from our creative services team.

Surveying (Room) – Can usually be undertaken by Builders, Fitters, or Architects / professional designers working on the project. If required we can organise a survey ourselves, or put you in contact with a professional surveying company.

Integration – See ‘Flexible Integration‘.

Installation – For large projects, and those within reach of our Oxfordshire base, we can either recommend, or coordinate the use of a specialist fitter. In addition, we have a growing network of experienced carpenters and fitters who have previously worked on successful projects from which to recommend. Finally, should you wish to instruct a local carpenter or fitter yourself, we are happy to liaise with them directly, and do all we can to promote a successful installation.

Flexible Integration

We can suggest and supply everything from ironmongery like handles, to basketry and specialist items like worktops, sinks, taps and kitchens appliances. Or flexibly give you the option to specify or procure them yourself.

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Integration Options – Although we are primarily a joinery company, we recognise that some clients many need additional non-joinery related support for their project. As such where required our creative services and project management teams can provide their support for certain non-joinery product selections, as well as assisting their procurement / supply.

To offer clients more flexibility with greater autonomy, we see this type of support as being an additional service. So rather than increasing our pricing to automatically include this service within our joinery pricing, we instead prefer to offer a separate quote / fee solely related to any support being provided in this area.

Fitted Kitchens

Cabinetry for the heart of the home

We have been delighting clients with our beautifully made bespoke kitchens ever since we opened our workshop doors. As an experienced joiner and cabinet maker, we have made kitchens in virtually every design, style and configuration that you can think of. So, whatever your personal requirements may be, choosing Foxstow means you gain access to all the skills and expertise needed to create your perfect kitchen.

Fitted Kitchen
Fitted Kitchen
Fitted Bedrooms

A calm retreat, that supports a busy life

Whether you require fitted cabinetry and furniture for a bedroom, dressing room, or walk in wardrobe, by using Foxstow you can be confident of attaining all of your personal requirements in virtually any design or styling that you can think of. We are here to help you get the most out of your space, before creating a solution that combines our beautifully made cabinetry with everything needed to express your personal style, stay organised, and support a busy life. Our flexible approach allows us to accommodate most budgets, so whether you need an palatial dressing room, or just some replacement wardrobe doors, we can help you create the perfect room.

Foxstow Managing Director

Beautifully made fitted bedrooms and dressing rooms can offer their owners a reassuring sense of order and style, designed entirely around their personal needs.

Oliver / Foxstow Managing Director

More than just fitted wardrobes

Our bespoke joinery capability can offer you a lot more than just a conventional fitted bedroom. Giving our clients the opportunity to create furniture and cabinetry that fulfils their exact needs, we can make anything from an integrated dressing table, to a matching linen box. We have even taken commissions in the past for bespoke beds.

Hybrid Solutions

Supporting projects using third-party cabinet units

We understand that working to very tight budgets, or a pragmatic need to extend the life of existing cabinet units, may preclude using our own cabinets. Equally, if a carpenter is creating the cabinetry themselves on site (like for use in an alcove), it can forgo the need for us to provide the cabinet units. Fortunately, this does not stop us from helping, as we can still help you upgrade, or update virtually any third-party units – like making the doors for a carpenter’s onsite work.

Tim Foxstow Joiner & Logistics

We understand if you feel there are some situations where you are unable to use our own cabinet units. We are very flexible in how we work, so can still help you with your project.

Tim / Foxstow Joiner & Logistics

Updating existing cabinetry

Where there is still life in your existing cabinet units, and the layout still works, but the styling and doors are no longer suitable. Let us help you update the cabinetry with bespoke doors (made precisely to fit your existing cabinet units), and as required the use of a matching cladding system. It is a great way of saving money, and resources when updating a room, and also gives you the option of replacing, or altering the existing units to enhance things even more.

Upgrading new cabinet units

Our beautifully made cabinet units can prove surprisingly affordable, but cannot quite compete with the low prices of some of the bigger suppliers of standardised units like IKEA. Fortunately, we can still help projects using new units from third-party suppliers. Giving you the opportunity to put the quality where it is most visible (doors and cladding), as well as potentially supplementing the standardised units with our bespoke ones – to make things work even better.

Learn how we upgrade IKEA cabinetry

Learn how we upgrade IKEA cabinetry

Pioneers in upgrading IKEA kitchens and wardrobes

Some years ago an interior designer client asked us to help her upgrade a new IKEA kitchen by making some bespoke shaker style doors and cladding. At the time the practice of ‘IKEA hacking’ was relatively new, and not something any UK companies offered as a service. For us it represented an interesting approach, that shared some similarities with past projects for higher end kitchens where clients wanted to retain their existing units, and just update selective items like the doors.

The designer and their client were very happy with what we made, so we wrote a short blog article about the process and thought nothing more about it. But soon after publishing the article, we were asked if we could do it again, and it was not long before a steady stream of enquiries followed for more IKEA upgrades. So after completing several more successful projects, and with demand increasing – we asked ourselves if it was worth promoting as a service, and if so what could we do to make things more efficient and affordable.

Although this part of the business has never rivalled, or questioned our core focus of design led bespoke door making, cabinetry and higher-end interior joinery, it has become something that we are very knowledgeable and proficient at. We have completed hundreds of successful projects, and have developed many proprietary techniques and tools to offer high quality products that are designed entirely to work with IKEA’s METOD kitchen, and PAX wardrobe cabinetry, as well as IKEA’s other legacy cabinet products.

So should your budget require you to pragmatically consider one of IKEA’s standardised products, then can we offer you the opportunity to turn it into something that looks far from a standardised ‘run of the mill’ IKEA solution. It could not be easier to do – just provide us with your IKEA plans, some direction on the styling that you want (like photos or links to similar items you’ve found on the web), and we will put together a quote for everything that you will need and guide you through the process, together with all the available options. You can find out more about this approach by reading this example case study.

IKEA® is a registered trademark of Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. and is not affiliated with the Foxstow Joinery Co. in any way.

Client Quotes

First class work

We looked at many of the well-known designer kitchen brands before our architect recommended Foxstow. I’m so pleased we used them, as their work is first class, and their pricing was much keener than all the others.

Mr Bickerstaff / Bespoke Kitchen

Incredible choice & quality

As a designer I’m no stranger to using my creative skills to get value for money. Foxstow’s upgrade of my new IKEA kitchen gave me incredible choice and quality, along with invaluable personal support for my kitchen project.

Mrs Lomas / IKEA Kitchen Upgrade

Superb to collaborate with

We use Foxstow for many of our interior projects, as they are always superb to collaborate with, and very skilled at what they do. So when a brief came in for a really complex dressing room, I was always knew they would do it justice.

Mr Joplin (Designer) / Dressing Room

Exactly what I wanted

Our lovely kitchen was already there when we moved into our home, but it didn’t have the pantry that I really longed for. Foxstow created exactly what I was wanted, perfectly matching everything to the styling of our existing kitchen.

Mrs Noakes / Bespoke Pantry

Easy to install

Alcove shelving and storage has always been a popular request from my clients. In the past I’ve made everything myself, but I now prefer to use Foxstow as their cabinetry and shelving are always top quality, and really easy to install.

Mr Asley (Carpenter) / Alcove Shelving