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Door Specialist

External doors

A beautifully made external door makes a big statement about the property it belongs to. We make a wide range of external doors, including everything from grand period front doors to glazed bi-folding doors.

Joiner Using Machinery

External doors that make a statement

The exterior architecture of a building can provide a revealing insight into how the owner or occupant would like to be seen. This powerful form of self-expression is not limited to bold architectural statements; as subtle detailing is also used to great effect. A bespoke front door offers the perfect opportunity to make such a statement, and a great way to shape the first impressions of everyone passing and entering the building.

At Foxstow, our joiners are experts at making external timber doors. We can make doors in every possible design, style and size that you can ever imagine or need. Whether you want traditional or modern styling, something familiar looking, or a completely unique design; we have all the experience, skills, and expertise needed to make you the perfect external door(s).

Traditional craftsmanship with innovative advances

Many aspects of door making have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, and our joiners still make use of numerous traditional methods. The same is true for timber selection, where oak continues to be one of the most popular woods for making front doors. But alongside of the ‘tried and tested’, we have also embraced advances in everything from finishing, to machinery and also timber. Once such example is our use of Accoya®, a ground breaking modified timber that offers exceptional stability and longevity; making it our preferred choice of timber for creating external bespoke doors.

We Can Make

A bespoke external door makes it possible

Our expertise covers the widest possible range of external doors, including those with panel, flush and ledge & brace designs. This means we can make anything from an intricate period door, to a modern minimalist door and everything in-between (see examples below). As a bespoke door specialist, we are just as comfortable making doors in standard sizes and popular designs, as we are making unique ‘one-off’ creations.

We hold strong partnerships with a select group of specialists, to offer our clients greater choice and quality when specifying their bespoke external door(s). This includes artisan crafts like carving and marquetry, and the supply of materials like timber, glazing, paints and seals. Actively supporting our joiners, and the finishing team who use our in-house spray booth facility.

Comprehensive joinery for your door project

As a door specialist, we are regularly asked by clients, to make the door frames and architraves for their bespoke door(s). This task is supported by our wider joinery capability, where we make frames in every possible shape and design, including those with top and sidelights. The options for architraves are equally varied, with custom made mouldings frequently specified. On completion, we can supply all the joinery as a ‘door set’, with the option to have the door(s) pre-hung, or ready for hanging.

External Door Ideas

External Door Examples

As a bespoke door specialist, we can make virtually any type of external timber door that you can ever need. Here are just a few examples of the doors that we frequently make.


Panel Doors

By using the panel configurations, mouldings and finishes that were popular in an era. We can faithfully recreate anything from a Georgian door, to one from the 1930’s.


Shaker Styled Doors

The name of this popular style of panel door, gets its name from the religious movement who were famed for making well made furniture with a simple clean aesthetic.


Ledge & Brace Doors

As commonly found in farms and cottages. This traditional design can accentuate the rustic feel of rural propert, and looks good either painted or with a natural finish.


French Doors

This classic external door, combines a timber frame with glazed panelling. It is most commonly made as a pair of doors, but can also be multiple doors.


Flush or Slab Doors

A versatile design of door which can project modern and minimalist style; or by using detailing like grooves, inlays and veneers can be styled very individually.


Bi-fold Door Systems

Many of the door styles that we make can be made to fit bi-folding door systems. We can recommend a bi-folding system to use, or asses your choice of system.


Door Specification

External door specification

In choosing a bespoke external door, you get full control over every aspect of its design and build. To help you specify your new door(s), please consider each of the options briefly outlined below, or ask one of our team of specialists for their advice.

Fitting & Delivery

Support and deliveries across the whole UK

We make external bespoke doors for clients across the whole of the UK. To support this reach, we make our own deliveries and also use experienced couriers. We offer support for certain surveys and installations, but in most cases will instead try to recommend a local fitter or carpenter, from our network of certified installers.