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Door Specialist

Internal doors

We are experts at making solid timber doors for internal use, and believe the quality and craftsmanship of our doors speaks for itself. As with all the doors we make; virtually any style, size, design and finish is possible.

Waxing Bespoke Door

Internal doors to complete a room

In some ways, a room only becomes a room when it has its own door(s). The act of physically containing a space and providing access to it, can also be highly instrumental in determining how the room is used and perceived. On a rudimentary level, internal doors provide privacy (both visual and audible) and insulation for temperature control. But this is only part what makes a successful door; they also have the potential to help communicate the intention of the room, the values of its owner/occupier, and add to the overall narrative of the building.

Door design and styling offer effective ways to convey meaning. Our team of expert joiners can create virtually any design and style of timber door that you can imagine. While our specialisation allows us to share our experiences of making similar doors. Whatever we make for you, the highest quality is always assured, and our commitment to quality, ensures the look and feel of every bespoke internal door we make, speaks entirely for itself.

Modern thinking with traditional craftsmanship

Our highly skilled team of joiners use many traditional methods when making bespoke internal doors; this is not only true for door with historical qualities, but also for more contemporary designs. However, while much of the door making process remains consistent with tradition, there has also been notable technological advances in areas like machinery, bonding and CAD design; all of which help to make the doors we make today, better than ever. So whether your needs are modern or traditional, familiar or completely unique, we have all the experience, skills, and expertise needed to make you the perfect internal door(s).

We Can Make

Internal bespoke doors make it achievable

We are well practiced at making bespoke internal doors in either flush, panel or ledge & brace designs. This means we can create anything from a modern minimalist door, to an intricate period door and everything in between (see examples below). As a specialist at making bespoke doors, we are just as comfortable making a unique ‘one-off’ door, as we are creating those in standard sizes and popular designs.

The partnerships that we hold with a select group of specialists, allows us to offer our clients greater choice and quality when specifying their internal door(s). These relationships include artisan crafts like marquetry and carving; and also cover the supply of materials like glazing, timber, paints and seals. Our partners’ product knowledge and specialist expertise are a great asset to both our joiners and the finishing team using our in-house spraying facilities.

All the joinery you need for your door project

As a joinery specialising in making bespoke doors, we are often also asked by clients, to make the frames (casing / linings) and architraves for their doors. This task is supported by our wider joinery capability, where we make a wide variety of bespoke internal door frames and architrave mouldings. This is possible for most configurations including pairs and folding systems with multiple doors. Once complete, all the joinery can be grouped together as a ‘door set’, with the option to have the door(s) pre-hung, or provided as individual components ready installation.

Internal Door Ideas

Internal Door Examples

As a specialist in bespoke door making, we can make virtually any type of internal timber door possible. To help inspire you; here are a few examples of the doors that we regularly make.


Panel Doors

We can recreate any period styling (e.g. Georgian, 1930’s, Victorian etc.), by configuring the panels, mouldings and finish to reflect those prevalent in a particular era.


Shaker Styled Doors

This ever popular style of panel door, derives its name from an American religious movement who were famed for making furniture with a very simple clean aesthetic.


Ledge & Brace Doors

Most commonly found in older property’s, this historic door design has enduring qualities which are particularly suited to country cottages, farms and even castles.


French Doors

Although commonly used for external use, a heavily glazed door like a French door can also be used to great effect as a pair of doors in an internal setting.


Flush (Slab) Doors

This principally flat faced design can be a versatile canvas. By applying detailing like grooves, inlays and veneers, its minimal form can be transformed into something very individual.


Pocket & Folding Doors

Most doors can be made to fit internal bi-folding systems, and can also be used as space saving pocket doors. In either case we can recommend hardware, or asses suitable options.


Door Specification

Internal door specification

In creating an internal bespoke door, you gain full control over every facet of its design and build. In order to help you specify your new door(s), please consider the options outlined below, or alternatively discuss things with one of our team of specialists.

Fitting & Delivery

Supporting clients across the whole of the UK

We make internal bespoke doors for clients across the whole of the UK. To enable this, we make our own deliveries and also make use of experienced couriers. We offer some support for surveys and installations, but in most cases will instead try to recommend a local fitter or carpenter, from our network of certified installers.