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Information & Advice

Terms & conditions

This page contains our current terms and conditions. Please note that the terms and conditions applicable to you, will depend on whether you are either a commercial or private (consumer) client.

Bespoke Creations

Refund policy for bespoke joinery

It is important to point out that once ordered, most bespoke joinery commission cannot normally be cancelled or refunded. This is because it is very difficult to resell bespoke items that have been made to a unique specification, nor can any materials be reused. Refunds are therefore only applicable, should the item be damaged, or should it fail to meet the specification as detailed on the order confirmation / invoice.

Our Terms

Select the appropriate T&C’s

We use more than one set of terms and conditions, to reflect that way UK law distinguishes between private individuals and companies/organisations. As such please ensure that you download the PDF terms & conditions that best match the description of how you intend to use your joinery commission/purchase.

Client Focused

Our services from your perspective

To help you understand our services from a more individual perspective; please select the option below that best describes how you intend to use your joinery. Alternatively, visit our homepage to find out more about each different type of client we support, and what we can offer them.