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Creating the perfect interiors for a tropical paradise

Hurricane Irma caused so much damage to Richard Branson’s two Caribbean islands that much of his estate needed to be rebuilt. This created the opportunity to revitalise the properties’ interiors with a wide range of beautifully designed bespoke joinery.
Interior Photos
Project gallery:
Interior Photos
Project Summary
Project Summary

How do you help revive the luxury interiors on one of Richard Branson's hurricane ravaged paradise islands?

Styling: Timeless Classic

Location: British Virgin Islands

Client: KBA / Branson Estate

When Hurricane Irma made its destructive path through the Caribbean, it left the luxury paradise islands of Necker and Moskito completely devastated. Their owner, the entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson soon realised that the damage caused by this monster hurricane would require much of his estate to be rebuilt. This realisation was particularly sad for the properties located on Moskito Island, as they had only recently been built after he purchased the island in 2007.

After starting the task of rebuilding the estate, Richard’s team turned to the bespoke interior specialists at KBA and Foxstow to help play their part in recreating the magic of Moskito. The project required a wide range of bespoke interiors to be made for many of island’s luxury villas and included everything from kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to doors and architectural features.

KBA and Foxstow had successfully collaborated on numerous occasions before and created many luxurious bespoke interiors with comparable specifications to those required on Moskito. But, this was the first time either company had been asked to work on a project that was over four thousand miles away from their UK bases on a remote tropical island.

Despite being so idyllic, the island’s location would pose multiple challenges for the team in everything from transportation by sea, to specifying materials suited to high levels of humidity. Site surveys and the installation would also be complicated by the need for long-haul flights. This meant nothing could be left to chance and required meticulous planning by everyone involved in the project in order to succeed.

To help emphasise the spectacular views in each individual villa, the styling for the interiors was purposely kept understated. Nonetheless, their timeless classic feel and an unmistakable sense of quality combine to create an ambience that is every bit as luxurious as it is relaxed and natural.

The limited photos shown in this gallery were taken on a smartphone during the installation. As such, they do not quite show things in their best light or cover anywhere near the full extent of the bespoke fitted furniture and joinery that was created.

Since completion, Richard and his guests are now once more happily enjoying the island and its beautiful villas. You can see more photos and find out about Moskito on Virgin’s own website.     

If you have a similar need (regardless of scale, or having a project on an island!), we can recommend working with our partners at KBA, who can be contacted KBA via their website, or via a personal introduction from Foxstow.


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