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Reinterpreting the archetypal country kitchen

When an interior designer purchased her period home in the Cotswold countryside, she never felt compelled to design a stereotypical ‘County Kitchen’. Instead, she created a stylish interior that skilfully blended urban chic with age old country character.
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Project gallery:
Interior Photos
Project Summary
Project Summary

Can a contemporary style of kitchen succeed in a listed period home that is rich in historical character?

Project: Bespoke Kitchen

Styling: Cutaway J Groove

Location: Cotswolds

​If successful interior design expresses the personal style, tastes and lifestyle of the property’s owners while embracing the architecture, space and history of the property.  What happens when the owners’ preferences clash with the styling conventions of the building?

This was the challenge for Interior Designer Emily, who wanted her new kitchen to convey her and her husband’s love of contemporary design, but equally, recognise the history and charm of its setting in a 17th century listed property in the Cotswold countryside.

Although Emily knew it would be very easy to let context dictate the design and follow a well-trodden trope for a traditional  ‘Country Kitchen’. She instead chose to explore if old-world country charm and contemporary design, could be seamlessly brought together without jarring or overwhelming each other.

As part of this process, she took inspiration from how many urban loft developments managed to successfully combine their industrial heritage with modern design. This understanding, in turn, helped her to create a design concept that used key elements from each convention in order to subtlety convey and contextualise her vision.

In practice, this meant using items like the Aga range and Belfast sink to root the interior in its traditional country setting. While the use of modern artwork, playful ceiling lighting and cabinetry featuring doors with an integrated cutaway brass handle – all helped to express its owner’s love of contemporary design.

The success of the interior also relies on Emily’s skilful use of a supporting pallet of materials and finishes which help to bring everything together in a warm, welcoming and homely manner, whilst softening the potentially jarring connection between old and new.

Emily believes her decision to use bespoke cabinetry to be very important in realising her vision. As it not only allowed her to attain a kitchen styling and features that she was unable to find elsewhere, but also ensured it fitted perfectly into the irregular fabric of this treasured old building.


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