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Creating a bespoke office that welcomes being worked in

Great interior design can help improve office productivity, but can it also make you want to work at home when you spend most of your time working away? This was the challenge for an interior designer tasked with creating an inspiring and indulgent workspace.
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Project gallery:
Interior Photos
Project Summary
Project Summary

What makes a home office worth coming home from work to work in?

Styling: Classic Shaker

Location: Buckinghamshire

Client: Clover House

The continued growth of home working has seen an increasing number of people choose to use a room in their home as a dedicated office. For those fortunate enough to have the space, a well-designed home office can offer its user(s) the ideal environment to maximise productivity and even enhance their wellbeing.

These benefits appealed to the small business owner who asked interior designer Jo Lothian (Clover House) to create the perfect space to run his business from. In briefing Jo, he was keen to mention that spending a large amount of time working away from home meant he really wanted his office to be ‘somewhere that he looked forward to coming home to’, and not just a place to get more work done.

This understanding proved to be very instrumental to Jo’s thinking, as in addition to considering all of his functional and ergonomic requirements, she also explored at length what emotionally would make him look forward to coming home to work. As by determining things like what inspired and indulged him, she was then able to suggest and refine her various routes for styling the interior.

The final design borrows some of the familiar qualities of a traditional gentleman’s club to help create a reassuring welcome home. While the colour chosen for the cabinetry offers a more contemporary feel and also helps to highlight the luxurious use of brass and gold in the handles, bespoke desk and modern lighting. All of which play a subtle role in evoking a sense of reward and continued motivation.

Jo commissioned Foxstow to make all of the bespoke cabinetry, shelving and the window seat storage used in the interior. By working closely together Foxstow were able to help Jo refine her specifications, and also ensure that its installation and integration with the other items went as smooth as possible. Her client could not be happier with his office and remarks that after his family, it is the next thing he looks forward to coming home to.

If you are looking for an interior designer for your own home, you may like to consider Jo who can be contacted via her website at, or alternatively through a personal introduction from Foxstow.


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