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Creating bespoke wardrobes for a challenging attic space

An interior designer creates some bespoke fitted wardrobes to help make the best use of an awkward attic space with multiple sloping ceilings. While also taking the opportunity to add some unique styling to the interior and counter the room’s lack of symmetry.
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Project gallery:
Interior Photos
Project Summary
Project Summary

Can a bespoke fitted wardrobe offer anything more than space maximisation?

Styling: Oriental Feel

Location: Buckinghamshire

Client: Clover House

For most people considering purchasing fitted wardrobes, they simply see them as a great way of maximising the use of their bedroom storage space, while becoming a little more organised. But in the hands of skilled interior designer, they can offer much more than just optimal storage.

One such example are the bespoke wardrobes that interior designer Jo Lothian (Clover House) created for her client’s attic bedroom. Here it was obvious from the outset that bespoke fitted wardrobes would offer by far the best way to maximise the storage potential in a room with so many sloping ceilings and awkward spaces.

However, for Jo, the decision to use bespoke joinery was not just about making the best use of space. She also saw it as representing the perfect opportunity to design something individual that could help express her client’s wish to give the interior a subtle oriental feel, and also offer a means to try and address the room’s palpable lack of symmetry.

In response, her design subtly references the traditional geometric patterns found in many pieces of Chinese design work, but purposely steers clear of anything too cliched or pastiche in order to appear understated and contemporary. While the same motif helps draw the eye into its symmetrical pattern and in doing so helps to offer a sense of visual balance missing elsewhere in the room.

Foxstow worked with closely with Jo across many aspects of her project from surveying the space to helping to perfect the inset bronze leaf effect adorning the doors. Her client loves the fitted furniture and says that everyone who’s ever seen it remarks how beautiful, striking and individual they find it.

If you are looking for an interior designer for your own home, you may like to consider Jo who can be contacted via her website at, or alternatively through a personal introduction from Foxstow.


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