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Bespoke bedroom furniture for two discerning teenagers

Design briefs rarely specify ‘avoiding any suggestion of parental favouritism’ in their objectives. But, this was true when an interior designer was asked to design two distinctive interiors for a pair of teenage siblings with similar needs but differing tastes.
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Project gallery:
Interior Photos
Project Summary
Project Summary

Can a single design of fitted bedroom furniture work for two very different senses of teenage style?

Styling: J Groove

Location: Buckinghamshire

Client: Clover House

Every parent with more than one child knows how prudent it can be to try and avoid any suggestion of parental favouritism. Give them even a sniff of imbalance and it won’t be long until they’ve told you just how unfair you’re being! So whether you’re shopping for Christmas presents, dishing out pocket money or furnishing their new bedrooms, many parents feel it important to try to offer their brood a sense of parity.

The same sense of parity was high on the list of priorities for interior designer Jo Lothian (Clover House) when she was asked by her client to design the bedroom interiors for two teenage children. Fortunately, both siblings had similarly proportioned bedrooms and shared common needs for storage, studying and chilling out. But when it came to matters of taste and styling their views quickly diverged.

Jo felt it was possible for both bedrooms to have their own distinct styling, at the same time as establishing a clear sense of parity through the use of a consistent set of components across both interiors. The fitted bedroom furniture would play a key role in delivering this vision by applying the same fundamental design and configuration to both rooms. With the furniture design addressing their shared needs for functionality, while a purposely minimal and neutral styling would help to lessen the likelihood of it overshadowing or dictating the individual styling (urban and bling) of each room.

Foxstow interpreted Jo’s designs by creating an integrated suite of cabinets and drawers that formed a part floating desk, and a window seating storage space featuring a bespoke chaise longue. All the furniture made use of hidden J Groove handles and were spray finished in a durable neutral-toned paint, before being paired with an individual worktop that best reflected the wider interior.

If you are looking for an interior designer for your own home, you may like to consider Jo who can be contacted via her website at, or alternatively through a personal introduction from Foxstow.


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